G2L: Next-Generation Sequencing (NGS)

Currently, NG Sequencing in our lab comprises Illumina technology as well as Oxford Nanopore. Both technologies are applied on genomes, transcriptomes, metagenomes, and metatranscriptomes.
The G2L has more than fifteen years of scientific expertise in whole genome sequencing as well as in re-sequencing with emphasis on prokaryotic genomes. Please contact us, so that we can discuss your project and find the best solution regarding your needs.

De novo sequencing (microbial genome sequencing without a reference sequence)

  • DNA-preparation using species specific kits. Currently five different options are available
  • Low/High input DNA libraries
  • Illumina SR/PE sequencing on MiSeq/HiSeq4000 instrument
  • Quality control & trimming
  • De novo assembly
  • Further bioinformatic analyses on demand
Re-sequencing (evaluation of mutants, microbial populations)
  • DNA-preparation
  • Low/High input DNA libraries
  • Illumina SR/PE sequencing on MiSeq/NovaSeq6000 instrument
  • Mapping on a reference sequence custom bioinformatics solutions: best mapping conditions, SNP detection
Transcriptomics (deep sequencing based characterizations of genome and metagenomes)
  • RNA preparation
  • Quality control on Agilent Bioanalyzer
  • DNAse treatment
  • rRNA depletion
  • Directed/non-directed RNA libraries
  • Illumina SR/PE sequencing on MiSeq/NovaSeq6000 Instrument
  • Mapping on reference sequence
  • Further bioinformatic analysis on demand

Amplicon sequencing (deep sequencing of microbial communities and functional genes)

  • Generation of specific amplicons
  • Indexed-amplicon libraries
  • Quantification & normalization
  • Illumina PE sequencing on MiSeq Instrument
  • Bioinformatic analysis on demand

Further Sequencing (custom) protocols on demand

Sequencing Systems:

Specifications per run:

Illumina MiSeq:

2x 75 bp, 3.3-3.8 Gb (~ 40 mio PE reads)
2 x 300 bp, 13.2 – 15 Gb (~ 40 mio PE reads)

Illumina HiSeq4000

2 x 150 bp, 1300 – 1500 Gb (~ 4-5 billion SR reads)
2 x 75 bp, 650-750 Gb (~ 4-5 billion SR reads)
1 x 50 bp, 210 – 250 Gb (~ 4-5 billion SR reads)

The mentioned technologies are available for internal and external partners. Pricing is available on request according to your project need.
Sequences are delivered via ftp or via Network Share (within the Institute of Microbiology and Genetics), respectively.

Scientific and technical contact persons:

Dr. Anja Poehlein ()
Dr. Dominik Schneider ()