G2L: Bioinformatics

Custom data analysis (in scientific cooperations only):

  • General quality management
    • Adapter clipping
    • Quality screening
  • Genomics
    • Genome assemblies
    • Genome analysis including
      • gene prediction
      • functional annotation
    • Mutant analysis
      • SNP/ indel identification
      • functional impact analysis
    • all data sharing via integrated microbial genomes and metagenome server (IMG)
  • RNA-Seq
    • Mapping/assembly
    • Automatic prediction:
      • Transcription start site (TSS)
      • 5’/3’ UTRs
      • ncRNAs
    • sense/anti-sense transcripts
    • Data visualization and interactive analysis in genome context with TraV
Costs (scientific cooperations only) are available on request according to your project need.

Scientific and technical contact person:

Dr. Heiko Liesegang ()