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iGEM Team Göttingen 2015 (Sept 2015)

The iGEM team Göttingen 2015 has named its project "Flexosome - Placing Enzymes where they should be". Flexosome means an enzymatic penknife: a customizable complex for more efficient and synergistic multi-enzymatic processes.
The Flexosome consists of a scaffoldin, dockerins and exchangeable enzymes. The enzymes of interest can be attached to the scaffoldin via the dockerin stations and once attached complete the reactions.
The aim is to achieve a protein construct which is able to ensure ahigh local concentration of enzymes and catalyse multiple enzymatic processes at one site, making the product of one process the substrate of the next on the scaffoldin. Ultimately, the construct will not only increase efficiency of the reactions but also be fully customisable for any kind of enzymatic process.

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