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Last update: 11 Oct 2017
Dr. Robert Hertel

  Georg-August University of Göttingen
  Institute of Microbiology and Genetics
  Department of Genomic and Applied Microbiology
  Grisebachstr. 8
  37077 Göttingen, Germany
 Robert Hertel

  Room: 0.118
  Tel: ++49 (0)551 39 91120
  Fax: ++49 (0)551 39 12181
  E-Mail: rhertel(at)gwdg.de

Curriculum Vitae

 03/2015 - presentPostdoc, Department of Genomic and Applied Microbiology of Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniel, University of Göttingen
 10/2010 - 02/2015 Dissertation in the group of Dr. Heiko Liesegang, University of Göttingen
 07/2009 - 03/2010 Diploma thesis (equivalent to Master thesis) in the group of Prof. Dr. Jörg Stülke, University of Göttingen
 10/2006 - 03/2007 Erasmus Semester, University of Murcia, Spain
 10/2004 - 03/2010 Study of Biology, Georg-August University Göttingen, Germany

Major Research Interests

Research Projects


Egelkamp R, Schneider D, Hertel R, Daniel R (2017) Nitrile-degrading bacteria isolated from compost. Front Env Sci doi:10.3389/fenvs.2017.00056 (abstract).

Hertel R, Meyerjürgens S, Voigt B, Liesegang H, Volland S (2017) Small RNA mediated repression of subtilisin production in Bacillus licheniformis. Sci Rep 7:5699 (abstract).

Wendling CC, Piecyk A, Refardt D, Chibani C, Hertel R, Liesegang H, Bunk B, Overmann J, Roth O (2017) Tripartite species interaction: eukaryotic hosts suffer more from phage susceptible than from phage resistant bacteria. BMC Evol Biol 17:98 (abstract).

Willms IM, Hoppert M, Hertel R (2017) Characterization of Bacillus subtilis viruses vB_BsuM-Goe2 and vB_BsuM-Goe3. Viruses 9:146 (abstract).

Wilms IM, Hertel R (2016) Phage vB BsuP-Goe1: the smallest identifed lytic phage of Bacillus subtilis. FEMS Microbiol Lett 363:fnw208 (abstract).

Hertel R, Volland S, Liesegang H. (2015) Conjugative reporter system for the use in Bacillus licheniformis and closely related Bacilli. Lett Appl Microbiol. 60:162-167 (abstract).

Hertel R, Rodríguez DP, Hollensteiner J, Dietrich S, Leimbach A Hoppert M, Liesegang H, Volland S (2015) Genome-based identification of active prophage regions by Next Generation Sequencing in Bacillus licheniformis DSM13. PLOS One 10:e0120759 (abstract).

Wiegand S, Dietrich S, Hertel R, Bongaerts J, Evers S, Volland S, Daniel R, Liesegang H (2013) RNA-Seq of Bacillus licheniformis: active regulatory RNA features expressed within a productive fermentation. BMC Genomics 14:667 (abstract).