Tatiana Murillo

PhD student


  Georg-August University of Göttingen
  Institute of Microbiology and Genetics
  Department of Genomic and Applied Microbiology
  Grisebachstr. 8, 37077 Göttingen, Germany
 Tatiana Murillo


  Room: 0.130
  Tel: ++49 (0)551 39 4897
  Fax: ++49 (0)551 39 12181
  E-Mail: tmurillo(at)dpz.eu

Research Project(s)


Murillo T, Ramírez-Vargas G, Riedel T, Overmann J, Andersen JM, Guzmán-Verri C, Chaves-Olarte E, Rodríguez C (2018) Two groups of cocirculating, epidemic Clostridiodes difficile strains icrodiversify through different mechanisms. Genome Biol Evol 10(3):982-998 (doi:10.1093/gbe/evy059).

Ramírez-Vargas G, López-Ureña D, Badilla A, Orozco-Aguilar J, Murillo T, Rojas P, Riedel T, Overmann J, González G, Chaves-Olarte E, Quesada-Gómez C, Rodríguez C (2018) Novel clade C-I Clostridium difficile strains escape diagnostic tests, differ in pathogenicity potential and carry toxins on extrachromosomal elements. Sci Rep 8(1):13951 (doi:10.1038/s41598-018-32390-6).

Ramírez-Vargas G, Quesada-Gómez C, Acuña-Amador L, López-Ureña D, Murillo T, Del Mar Gamboa-Coronado M, Chaves-Olarte E, Thomson N, Rodríguez-Cavallini E, Rodríguez C (2017) A Clostridium difficile lineage endemic to Costa Rican hospitals is multidrug resistant by acquisition of chromosomal mutations and novel mobile genetic elements. Antimicrob Agents Chemother 61(4):e02054-16 (doi:10.1128/AAC.02054-1).

Stein SC, Faber E, Bats SH, Murillo T, Speidel Y, Coombs N, Josenhans C (2017) Helicobacter pylori modulates host cell responses by CagT4SS-dependent translocation of an intermediate metabolite of LPS inner core heptose biosynthesis. Plos Pathog 13(7):e1006514 (doi:10.1371/journal.ppat.1006514).